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bookworm report

bookworm report



Sometimes we hit such gold at the library, I can’t help but share!

First off, man do I love the library. I think that every time we go. Especially as Ace gets a little older, and I’m thinking more and more about her education. I can fill up a huge bag with amazing picture books, books on CD, music, dvds, and craft and science and history books, all at her level, and they let you just take it home with your for weeks. It will never cease to amaze me. There are so many wonderful resources I have access to that I otherwise just wouldn’t.

Library’s are so cool! Okay, that’s all.

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Here are three books that are just darling and we read over and over while we had them checked out. I wanted to take pictures of the inside so you could see how darling they are, but I’m not sure if that’s kosher, so you’ll have to take my word for it. (You can click on each book to see a little bit more about it.)

Deep in the Woods by Christopher Corr

This book is just beautiful! I was so drawn to the bright, graphic yet folksy illustrations! It’s a fun, easy read.


Paul and Antoinette by Kerascoet

This story is about a brother and sister who are complete opposites. One is a bit fussy and uptight, and one is a free spirit. But they love each other! So sweet.


If I Wrote a Book About You by Stephany Aulenback

This one takes the book cake. It is such a darling thing, it almost made me tear up! It’s sweet, sweet illustrations and clever, lyrical prose describe a mother telling her daughter all the wonderful ways that she would describe her and “writes” them in the world around them.