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diffusing like a boss

diffusing like a boss


So you keep hearing people talking about “diffusing”? Do you wonder what the heck is the big deal? Is diffusing confusing? Heehee. Well, here is the down low.

Diffusing essential oils is an incredibly simple way to reap their many wonderful benefits. All you need is an ultrasonic oil diffuser, essential oils, and water!



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Why should I diffuse? 

  • As good as a candle or spray may make your house smell, they are known to be very toxic. The NRDC claims that many air fresheners contain dangerous phalates, known for hormonal abnormalities, birth defects and reproductive problems. When these products are released into the air, they are absorbed through the skin and inhaled. Yum.
  • Essential oils can have so many amazing benefits. Essential oils have teeny tiny molecules. When they are diffused into the air and you inhale them, they can swiftly make their way into your limbic system, the area of your brain that is responsible for emotions and memories, which makes it easy to see why it can be so helpful for balancing emotions. They also travel through your nose, mouth,and lungs, affecting several body systems.



Choosing a diffuser – I have three diffusers in my home at the moment! One in my child’s room, one in our bedroom and one in the living room/kitchen area. I love diffusing.

  • Look for a cool mist, ultrasonic oil diffuser
  • Make sure that it is ultrasonic, not any type of heat that can damage the therapeutic properties
  • Diffusers are popular these days, so it’s pretty easy to find one. I have gotten them from Amazon, Walmart, and Young Living. I love the one that came with my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living!

Choosing an oil – You may know by now that I am going to say, use Young Living oils! They are an amazing company that has been around for over 20 years, passionately devoted to purity and integrity in their oils.

  • Essential oils are widely available these days in stores, online, everywhere you look practically. There really are not regulations on what can be called an essential oil. Therefore an oil bottle that says “pure”, or
    “all natural” etc. is not necessarily a pure oil. It could be cut with thinners, processed or extracted with chemicals, you just have no idea. If I am going to the trouble of diffusing an essential oil, why would I use something iffy? I might as well light up a Glade candle and forget about it, right?
  • Read and research a little for yourself about which oil might help you with a certain area.
  • If you’re wanting to get rid of a stink, diffuse Purification. It’s ah-mazing at cleaning odors from the air.
  • Lavender is an all around fantastic oil to diffuse for relaxation, to soothe and calm and to support your body.
  • Orange is incredibly uplifting and cheerful. If you feel a little blah, diffuse some of that liquid sunshine!
  • Lemon is also great for odors, is very uplifting, and fresh. Great to diffuse with peppermint in the morning for a kick start!
  • Want to enjoy a delicious, warm, spicy fragrance while supporting your immune system? Diffuse Thieves! This is an amazing oil blend to use particularly in the fall and winter.
  • Cedar wood and lavender are wonderful at bedtime.



How to diffuse –

  •  Now that you have your diffuser, and your wonderful oil, the rest is easy peasy. Fill your diffuser to specified line, add 2-5 drops of oil, cover with lid and fire her up! If it’s too strong or too weak an odor, you can adjust the amount of oil added. When you start out, just don’t add too much until you see what you need. Your nose will tell you.
  • Diffuse for 20 minutes or so and then take a little break, then diffuse again. If you’re happy with it, diffuse for longer periods.
  • Babies and children should be given special precautions. Check the oil you wish to use and make sure it is child friendly and then just perhaps diffuse a smaller amount for a lesser time. Use your own common sense and do your own research when it comes to babies and children. I, by no means, wish to scare you off diffusing if you have children, I love to diffuse for our daughter, it can be so wonderful for many things for them! Just please do your own research first!

Now go forth and diffuse!



{With my Premium Starter Kit, I was able to get started diffusing right away as the 11 oils included are specially chosen to support every system in the body!}

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