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how to get rid of cradle cap naturally

how to get rid of cradle cap naturally

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Our little fella is 2 months old now. He is such a laid back and content baby! I thought Ace was an easy baby for the most part, but this guy takes it to a whole other level. Have passy, will travel with this guy.

I noticed, the other day, that he was having some flaking on his scalp. Yuck! Upon closer inspection, I saw the whole top of his head was a bit crusty. Double yuck! Funny skin stuff is super common with newborns, their skin is so delicate and they are adjusting to life on the outside. But it is always upsetting to see your tiny, perfect little person with rashes or bumps or patches, oh my.

Anyway, I immediately knew that the flakes on his head were what is called cradle cap. My daughter never had it, but already somehow, this guy is the stereotypical boy. He is stinkier and dirtier than his sister ever was. He requires a nightly bath.



I did a little reading on cradle cap and found all sorts of advice. A couple of the most appalling recommendations involved Dawn dish soap and TGel shampoo. Yes, the kind that contains coal tar. No. Thanks. Yous.

Thankfully I found some other ideas, and here is what I did.

I gathered up some coconut oil, a soft bristled baby brush, and his gentle baby shampoo. At bath time that night, while he soaked in the tub with me (we both love a good bath), I generously applied the coconut oil to his scalp, gently rubbing it in thoroughly. I let it sit there for 10 or 15 minutes. Then with the brush, I scrubbed his little head, using circular motions, and then the edge of the bristles against the hair growth to work the flakes off. Triple yuck. What is it about skin that grosses me out? Pfft. Finally, I shampooed the heck outta that hair! I wanted to get all the oil out so that there wasn’t more buildup. And when his hair was all dry… Not a flake in sight! Yay!


I also chose to add 1 drop of my favorite essential oil blend for my kids, Gentle Baby, in the coconut oil. It smells so amazing, and has healthy skin helpers like lavender, geranium and rose. Yummy baby smell with no synthetic fragrances!