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How I Came to Young Living

I have been an essential oil user since my daughter was born close to 4 years ago. When she was born that I really became interested in how essential oils could support our health and quality of life. Specifically, I wanted to do everything I could to keep my perfect little baby from being exposed to toxic chemicals in our home!

I started by ordering what I believed to be high quality oils from Amazon. I did enjoy using those oils. They smelled great, and I felt like I had a little hand in keeping our home healthy and natural.

Then I got the oil bug. I researched till I was blue in the face about what oil company to go with. As you may know, there are some pretty strong opinions out there about that. I was interested in the high quality, MLM type oil companies, but I told myself that I could save money by going with a cheaper company. Oils are oils I figured.

Finally I settled on Plant Therapy. For someone who was scared to take the plunge, it seemed like a good compromise. Their oils sounded good, and I did enjoying using them, but I must say, I never really felt results like I wished to. I thought maybe it was in my head though. Oils really are just to smell great, right? I found myself thinking, would I have had a better result if I was using the best oils that are available? Are these really the purest of oils?

I had a friend who had started using Young Living, and she couldn’t stop talking about it! I debated for several more months. Yes, I am a slow mover sometimes. I smelled some of her oils, some of the same oils I had, but made by Young Living, and they smelled different in many cases! So clean, and crisp. And very strong. I liked my oils, but I didn’t seem to feel as passionate about their many uses and results as my friend did. Hmmmm.

I must say that it all boiled down to the lavender oil for me. Young Living’s lavender oil smells different than any I’ve ever smelled before. I don’t know how to described it exactly except to just say better.

I have been able to smell many of the oils, and have learned about how they are made. This company is truly committed to being the best of the best. They have what they call the Seed to Seal promise. This  “meticulous, five step approach allows us to deliver nature’s most potent and pure essential oils from our farms to your family.”

They promise that each step of the way, from choosing their seeds, to sealing the bottle and delivering it to your home, they are rigorously overseeing and hand-picking the very best of everything to ensure the best quality experience possible.

I finally decided that if I was really committed to toxic chemical free living and supporting my families health with oils, I needed to break out the big guns. I signed up with Young Living and ordered a Premium Starter Kit and signed up for Essential Rewards.

After opening them and excitedly smelling each one and looking at all my goodies, I dove into to using them. I put a new oil or blend of oils into my new diffuser everyday, relishing the awakening and refreshing scents, especially in the morning! I inhaled and rubbed peppermint oil on my neck for an afternoon slump pick- me- up. So far a couple of my favorites have been the DiGize in the evening after a large meal, and Thieves applied to the bottom of our feet. These oils are different. Oh, and Stress Away smells ah-mazing. I wear it like a perfume!

Since I’m signed up for Essential Rewards, I get to try new products every month, stock our home with healthy and natural supplies and earn points for free oils and products!

I will be sharing my experiences with these oils here on the blog and am looking forward to seeing what wonderful and useful ways I can incorporate these amazing oils and Young Living’s other products into our home and life. I will be sharing what I learn about them, how they work, my favorite uses, and how you can get some if you are interested!


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