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opening my young living essential oils starter kit

opening my young living essential oils starter kit



It was finally here! My Young Living Starter Kit had finally arrived. Many months of debating and research and hemming and hawing had finally culminated to this beautiful moment. Okay… Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. But it was almost that good.



Eeeeek! That’s all that I could say when I saw the much anticipated brown box sitting on my back porch that the delivery person had so sneakily delivered while I wasn’t watching.

The packaging is gorgeous. The catalog is exquisite.  And the oils. Amazing! So crisp and clean. So intense. My daughter and I slowly unscrewed each cap and sniffed. Ahhh.

Right away my favorite was Stress Away. I whipped out my diffuser necklace that my friend gave me when I signed up under her. I placed a drop of Stress Away on the felt pad and wore it for several days, holding it up to my nose when I needed a better sniff.

I’m enjoying discovering what each oil smells like and what I can use it for. Here are the oils contained in the Premium Starter Kit:

Lemon Vitality 

Copaiba Vitality

Digize Vitality

Thieves Vitality

Peppermint Vitality






Stress Away

In the Starter kit I also received a Young Living oil diffuser,  sample packs to share with friends, tiny sample bottles for sharing, a beautiful oil magazine and catalog, a metal roller ball bottle fitting, and 2 sample pouches of NingXia Red supplement .



So far I have been enjoying diffusing different oils and blends. I love diffusing Stress Away when I’m feeling a little on edge, lemon in the morning, and peppermint when I need an afternoon pick me up.

I like to mix peppermint with jojoba oil and rub it on the back of my neck and on my temples to soothe tension.

I love trying different oils in my diffuser necklace. I can wear a single drop for several days and the aroma lasts.

Something that I noticed right away was the potency of the oils. Where it took about 10 drops of another oil, it only takes about 3-5 drops of Young Living oils in the diffuser.



I’m so excited to continue learning about oils and sharing with you!

The problem I have found with Young Living oils? They might become addictive. Just a word of caution. Ahem.