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super quick, creamy iced coffee

super quick, creamy iced coffee

Whether you are a devoted coffee drinker, or a light weight like me who enjoys it occasionally, always with tons of milk or cream, I think anyone would agree that there is nothing like a tall, icy glass of iced coffee.

Sometimes iced coffee isn’t something we make for ourselves at home very often because after brewing the coffee, you have to chill it before you can drink it or it gets watered down with melted ice. We tend to reserve it for a luxury bought from a coffee shop. For a pretty penny usually, I might add.

When I’m craving an iced coffee, I don’t want to have to brew a pot of hot coffee and wait. I want it NOW!


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Well, in comes the ingenious invention… instant coffee. I know, some of y’all are probably coffee snobs and must have it strong brewed or french pressed or whatever. But I’m telling you, this hits the spot for me.

I have found a brand of instant coffee that I like, because it’s organic and because they offer decaffeinated.  (Hope on caffeine is not a cute thing.) But if you like regular, they have that too. I’m able to get this at my local grocery.

Now the rocket science part is coming up.

You put a spoonful of coffee crystals in your glass about half full of water, add ice, and  fill the rest of the way with whole, (grass fed tastes sooo much better) milk. Whole milk now, none of that l-l-low f-f-fat s-s-stuff.

Yummy additions:

cream or 1/2 and 1/2

vanilla extract

agave or honey to taste

Now doesn’t that sound divine? Go make you some!