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there’s a baby in the house

there’s a baby in the house

There’s a baby in the house again! On September 12, a little darling boy joined our family! And in the middle of a hurricane no less! No, we didn’t name him Irma.

Two days before his due date, in the the middle of the night of a fierce storm, my labor started. I would think after experiencing it before, I would know what real labor is but alas, I was doubtful and anxious to wake my midwives and doula, and even husband at 2:00 in the morning for a false alarm. I worked up the nerve to text my doula and then call my midwife finally. I said “I just woke up not long ago with contractions every 4 minutes apart! What do you think?” And of course she said “Hope… you are in labor. You need to come into the birth center now.” I clumsily agreed, and hung up the phone with shaking hands. We frantically threw our stuff into the truck, leaving just as soon as my mom could get there to stay with Ace, who was sleeping, blissfully unaware.

We arrived unscathed and very quickly to the birth center around 4 am, even though we drove through the worst part of the storm that night. The wind was howling and the rain pelting, but somehow we seemed to have a clear path there, no trees in the road, no problems at all. It was as if God had sent an angel or two to clear the way ahead of us. At the time I didn’t take much time to think about it, but as I look back now, I realize how amazing that drive was. My husband may or may not have broken every speed limit in two counties, but we got there just in time. An hour and a half later, our little boy was born in the birthing tub at 5:30 in the morning. I got the water birth I had hoped for. It was a very fast and intense labor and delivery, but all went perfectly. Before we knew it, we were sitting quietly in our room, baby all bundled up laying on my chest. All 7 pounds and 6 ounces of him. Praise the Lord!

Shortly after meeting her brother, our 4 year old daughter began to refer to him as “Babe.” Ace and Babe are quite a pair. Ace is a very enthusiastic sister, maybe a little too… but nevertheless, I appreciate her passion! Ha!! And with her for a big sister, I know he’ll always have someone to look out for him.

The first month has flown by with this precious little fella. We are sleeping well, going through outlandish amounts of diapers, and purely enjoying his company. What a gift to have a little girl and a little boy of our own to love and to raise.