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what to do with your young living starter kit

what to do with your young living starter kit

So you have taken the leap into the wonderful world of pure essential oils? Welcome to the fun! I remember opening up my Premium Starter Kit and thinking how beautiful, how wonderful… What do I do with all of these?! And I closed the package up and left it on my counter for about a week.

Sometimes, all the possibilities of this grand package can be completely overwhelming and you need a little guidance to start. Don’t waste a moment with these oils, they hold the potential to change your life, and that’s not being dramatic. These babies are the real deal.



  1. Open your beautiful box up and gaze upon all those little lovely bottles. You have a total of 11 new oils to smell, wear and play with! The top row of oils that have the white label are called the Vitality line. These are all oils that have been labeled especially for internal use and may be consumed. They include Lemon, Copaiba, Digize, Thieves, and Peppermint. The lower row with colorful labels include Panaway, RC, Purification, Frankincense,  and Lavender. The eleventh oil is underneath this layer and is called Stress Away. After you admire and sniff these babies, lift the little ribbon and pull off the layer of oils. There is another layer to the box underneath. Below, you will find tiny glass sharing bottles, 2 Ningxia Red samples, 10 oil sample packets, some info cards, your Stress Away oil, and a steel roller ball fitting with lid.
  2. First thing, shake up well, then open your Stress Away bottle, take a whiff, then remove the clear plastic orifice reducer and replace with the little steel roller bottle fitting. Roll some onto your wrists, and behind your ears.
  3. Next, take your new diffuser out of it’s box, read the directions and plug it in. Select a spot in your house that is near a common living space so you can enjoy it throughout the day, such as a kitchen counter, living room surface, etc… Fill the reservoir with distilled water to the red fill dot, and then add 2-3 drops of peppermint and 3-4 drops of lemon oil. Place both covers on and push the button. Mmmmm…. Citrus and mint together make such an awakening and refreshing diffuser blend.
  4.  Next, throw your Ningxia Red sample packs into the fridge or freezer for later… they make a delicious treat when very cold or frozen like a slush. Try one out before a workout, or during an afternoon slump for a nutritious pick me up.
  5.  After your workout or wherever your body needs it, apply some Panaway. Mix a few drops of carrier oil with a few drops of Panaway in the palm of your hand and rub it into your muscles. You can also add Copaiba or peppermint to this blend.
  6. Got something that needs freshening? Your car, kid’s shoes? Perhaps you left the laundry in the washer too long and it soured? Grab your purification oil. You can make a nice freshening spray with half a spray bottle of witch hazel, half water, and a few drops (10, 20?) of Purification. (How many drops depends on the size of your spray bottle.It’s not an exact science, no worries.) Or, for laundry, add directly to your wash, or add a couple drops to vinegar in the fabric softener spot before running your load. This works like a charm to remove that yucky, soured smell. Not that I have to do that very often. Haha.
  7. For immune support, crack out the Thieves. This oil is my favorite. Diffuse it, sniff it, rub it on you, you can’t go wrong with this oil! Dilute about 10 drops in carrier oil in a roller bottle and roll onto your feet in the morning before facing the world.
  8. RC can be diluted and rubbed onto chest for respiratory support. Especially comforting at bedtime.
  9. Have a big meal in the evening? Take a drop of Digize and rub it onto the base of your throat, or a couple drops can be rubbed directly onto the stomach for digestive support. Love this oil.
  10. In the morning or evening, when you apply moisturizer to your face, add 1 drop of Frankincense to your cream and smooth onto your face. This oil is known for it’s incredible skin supporting properties. This might just become a new part of your skin care routine.
  11. After a full day, you need to relax. Move your diffuse into your bedroom and diffuse a few drops of lavender as you drift off. OR, slip into a hot tub infused with Epsom salts that you have added a few drops of lavender  to. Lavender is the main oil that convinced me that Young Living oils were different. I hated lavender before. This one is just simply… different. So fresh and pure.
  12. Take your oil sample packets in your pocket or purse and share with friends that you think might benefit from oils! ( Which means everybody.) You can also use your little glass bottles to place a few drops of your oils in to share with a friend who would enjoy a certain oil. Most people find that when they start using these oils, you just naturally start talking to your friends and family about them and must share them with those you care about! (This organic sharing can create what we sometimes call “an accidental paycheck”, so if you find yourself sharing your oils a lot, or have any interest in the business side of Young Living oils, check with your upline, and look into it! You can get your oils for free people! If your are signed up under me, ask me what to do next! There is a whole other business side to the company that I can introduce you to!)




Now that wasn’t so scary, was it?! Now that you have broken the ice with your new buddies, you can feel confident in moving forward, learning, using and benefiting from these amazing and potent plant extracts. Support your health! Move toxic ingredients out of your home and care for the wellness of your whole family! Try different ways to use them, read, research for yourself, give them a chance. There is so much information out there available to you.

And watch out… Young Living essential oils have been known to become addictive.

Happy oiling!!!


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