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the feel of a home

the feel of a home


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How my home feels is so important to me.

Beauty in your life and home often gets overlooked as not necessary and frivolous. But to me, if I can take something that I use everyday, or something that I have to look at everyday, and find a way for it to make me smile, that’s very important! Your home and the things you surround yourself with effect how you feel about yourself, and how you function in your daily life.

Everyone has their own sense of style and taste, what makes them feel good. Some people love bright color, and energy, others like soft muted shades, whites, quiet and natural elements. Whatever your personal “essence” is, go with that. What makes you feels calm and happy?



For my personal taste, which is the latter mentioned above, I think about these tones in my home:

  • clear, clean surfaces – Counter tops, table, bathroom counters I try to keep clutter free.
  • wood tones – Wood furniture, wooden kitchen utensils and cutting boards instead of plastic.
  • natural elements – Natural baskets instead of plastic tubs, potted plants in terra cotta pots, salt lamps, pottery dishes, scents in home from essential oils and natural sources.
  • lots of sunlight – No window coverings on most of the windows. Maybe some sheer white curtains in the future. Plenty of light comes in all day.

Something as simple as slowly replacing all my ugly, old plastic cooking utensils and cutting boards with bamboo, wood and metal utensils and wood cutting boards had made my kitchen feel so much better to me. Some may not bother with such things, but if you’re like me, you may understand what I’m talking about.

Things that make me and my home feel happy :

  • quiet time in God’s word
  • fresh flowers in a mason jar
  • herbs hanging to dry
  • a garland of dried citrus
  • a bunch of eucalyptus hanging in the shower
  • fresh, clean sheets sprayed with homemade essential oil linen spray
  • an old, tattered quilt waiting on the couch
  • a hot bath with epsom salts and lavender oil
  • reading an old book that I loved as a kid
  • a hot cup of herbal tea
  • a delicious fried egg in a cast iron skillet
  • growing flowers and veggies of my own
  • rearranging the furniture in one room and decorating by “shopping” my home
  • cloth napkins
  • beeswax candles
  • a notebook and pencil by the bed to empty all my thoughts before sleep
  • my rosemary bush planted near where I walk by, brushing past it releasing it’s aroma
  • treating myself to new hand towels for the kitchen
  • a special bar of soap by the sink
  • a playlist of some of my favorite songs

It is amazing how small things put together can set the tone in a home. I want my home to be a place I love being, that feels good to me, and that replenishes.

I love the book Living a Beautiful Life by Alexandra Stoddard. It’s packed with small, inspiring ways to add beauty and intention to your everyday life.

What special things about your home make you feel warm and fuzzy?